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Dental hygienist

At Westbourne Dental Practice, our highly qualified hygienist's main role is to help you to achieve and maintain good oral health. This is managed by a scale and polish to clean your teeth, showing you how to keep them clean and by giving appropriate dietary advice. We also specialise in sealing children's teeth and then recommending oral health products to suit the individual.

For expert oral hygiene services, call us on

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Oral health specialists

We recommend that our patients attend a full oral check-up on a regular basis. We check a number of things during these appointments, including teeth, gums, soft tissues and jaw joints.

Our patients can choose to see Gillian Pegg, Jules Fisher or Gina Johnson, and you no longer need a referral from the dentist. They have been qualified for more than 60 years between them, they are more than happy to help you manage your oral hygiene with both advice and treatment.

Oral health products

We stock a comprehensive range of products to help you to maintain good oral health including electric toothbrushes, dental floss and mouth washes.


Some of these are specialist products and are not available in regular shops. Others are significantly cheaper than in high street or local chemists.

Oral cancer is on the increase, therefore it is important to check the oral soft tissues on a regular basis. Early detection vastly increases the survival rate.

we can scale and polish your teeth and show you how to keep them clean we stock a range of products to help you keep good oral health our oral health specialists can help keep your teeth and gums in great condition